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​I am a designer and an artisan manufacturer of headphones, headphone parts, and mods, leveraging my decade-long experience as a half of the duo.

During that time I've designed and crafted thousands of metal gimbals and rod blocks sets, ear pads and leather headbands for happy customers across all continents. Each of my products is the fruit of countless hours of research, prototyping and testing.


I specialize in crafting high quality mods for Grado Labs headphones, as I am a huge fan of Grado's house sound and a happy owner of several Gradoes including Grado SR60, Grado SR125, Grado SR325e and Grado PS500.


Long ago, I left the world of corporate IT to live a modest life as an artisan craftsman. Now, I spend most of my days meticulously crafting and tinkering with DIY audio gear, which brings me a lot of peace and joy in these turbulent times.

My work is based on two very simple principles:

I design and manufacture all my products myself, aiming to make them durable, comfortable, and beautiful, thereby enhancing the audio experience of Grado lovers worldwide.

I provide my customers with the highest level of service I myself would like to receive when shopping online.

Feel free to get in touch with me to ask about my products or have a chat about audio in general.

Przem Nyczaj

Przem in Warsaw
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