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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Since is a one-man home workshop, our shipping policy is slightly different to regular online stores. We perform a lot of work on our products after the order is placed – we either make them to order completely from scratch, assemble them, finish them off or quality test them. Because of that it can take us up to 2-3 weeks after the order is placed to ship it.

To maintain low shipping fees for all customers around the world we use Poczta Polska (Polish postal service) as our main shipping operator. This means longer shipping times than via courier service, but allows us to send tracked parcels all over the globe.

Our standard means of shipping is “Priority registered letter” – it is a tracked shipment that usually takes between 1 and 4 weeks (but can take up to 8 weeks) to be delivered, depending on where you live. Usually it takes around 1 week to reach continental European Union countries, 2 weeks to reach UK, Ireland and non-EU European countries, 3 – 6 weeks to reach North America, 3 – 4 weeks to reach South America, Africa and Asia, 4 – 8 weeks to reach Australia and Oceania, and 6 – 8 weeks to reach anywhere else not listed above. IMPORTANT: For some reason not all postal companies share the tracking of this service on-line (2 major ones being USPS and Canada Post), this doesn’t mean the service is not tracked, because all posts are obliged by Universal Postal Union to track these shipments internally. So even though you might not see any updates in tracking, parcel will be on its way to you. Please keep that in mind.

To offer a better tracked and faster shipping service we introduced “Global Express” shipping option to our Online Store. This service is also handled by Poczta Polska and is around twice as expensive as “Priority registered letter”, but is fully tracked and twice as fast. Unfortunately it is only supported by 43 countries (most of EU countries, USA, Canada, several major Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa). Shipping times for this service are 1 week to EU, 2 weeks to North and South Americas, Africa and most of Asia, 3 weeks to Australia, New Zealand and China.

We can arrange an express shipping via courier service on demand, such service will be priced individually – if you’re interested in this, please contact us before placing an order at or via the contact form at the bottom of website. won’t consider any parcels lost until it is officially confirmed either by Poczta Polska or a postal service in the destination country, and thus won’t resend or refund any orders before that.

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