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Return Policy

Return Policy

We take the customer satisfaction very seriously, therefore we allow our customers to withdraw from a Contract of sale and return purchased goods without giving any reason in 14 days from the date of product’s delivery. This doesn’t apply to custom and made to order items and/or services. You can find more info about that in paragraph VIII of our Terms of use and Conditions (its full text can be found below).

If you’re not happy with your purchase’s quality and/or there’s something wrong with it, you can contact us any time and we’ll do our best amend that. However please do bear in mind that even though we do our best and improve our methods and products with every batch, this is still a DIY production done in a home workshop, given that each set of parts is slightly different (almost exclusively in terms of looks) and subject to very minor imperfections (like tiny scratches or dents, mostly in hardly visible spots).

Each case is resolved individually, but normally we either send you a new, fault-free product, rework the faulty product or give you a full refund, in each case, we’ll ask you to send the product you’re not happy with back to us.

Paragraph VIII of our Terms of use and Conditions:
1.    The Customer who is a Consumer may withdraw from the Contract of sales without giving any reason in a statement lodged within 14 days. To comply with the deadline, it is only necessary to send it before the deadline.

2.    The Customer may formulate the statement on their own.

3.    14-day deadline is counted from the date on which the Merchandise was delivered, or in case of a contract for the provision of services, from the date of its conclusion.

4.    The Seller upon the receipt of the statement of withdrawal from the contract from the Consumer will send them confirmation of the receipt of this statement to Consumer’s e-mail address.

5.    The Consumer’s right of withdrawal from the contract is exempt in case of:
a.    Provision of services, if the Seller completed the Service in full with the clear consent of the Consumer, who was informed, prior to the provision of that Service, that once the provision is completed by the Seller, Consumer will lose their right to withdraw from the contract;
b.    A contract in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations of the financial markets over which the Seller has no control, and which may occur before the deadline of withdrawal from contract;
c.    A contract, the subject of which is a non-prefabricated Merchandise, manufactured according to the Consumer’s specification, or used to satisfy their personalized needs;
d.    A contract the subject of which is a Merchandise that has a short shelf life;
e.    A contract, the subject of which is a Merchandise delivered in a sealed packaging, which after opening the packaging cannot be returned due to the health protection or hygiene reasons, if the packaging was opened after the delivery;
f.    A contract, the subject of which is a Merchandise that after delivery, due to its nature, is inextricably linked with other things;
g.    A contract, the subject of which are alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed at the conclusion of the Contract of sale, and the supply of which can only take place after 30 days, and the value of which depends on the fluctuation in the market, over which Seller has no control;
h.    A contract, where the Consumer explicitly demanded that the Seller would come to him in order to perform urgent repairs or maintenance works; if the Seller additionally provides other services than those, which the Consumer demanded, or provides Merchandise other than the replacement parts necessary for the repair or maintenance, the Consumer has the right of withdrawal from the contract in regard of those additional Services or Merchandise;
i.    A contract, the subject of which are sound recordings, visual recordings, or computer software delivered in a sealed packaging, if that packaging was opened after the delivery; delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts;
j.    A contract concluded by a public auction;
k.    A contract, the subject of which is the provision of accommodation, other than for residential purposes, transportation of goods, car rental, catering, services related to leisure, events, entertainment, sports, or cultural events, if the day or period of provision of certain service is marked in the Contract;
l.    A contract for the supply of digital content, which is not stored on a tangible medium, if the service provision has begun with the explicit consent of the Consumer before the deadline for the withdrawal from the contract and after having been informed by the Seller about the loss of the right of withdrawal from the contract.

6.    In case of withdrawal from the Contract concluded at a distance, the Contract is considered null and void. What the parties rendered shall be returned unchanged, unless the change was necessary in the ordinary course of business, and in particular to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of goods. The return should take place immediately, and not later than within 14 days from the delivery. Purchased Merchandise should be returned to the Seller’s address.

7.    The Seller shall promptly, but no later than 14 days from the day of receipt of Consumer’s declaration of withdrawal from the contract, return all payments made by Consumer, including the costs of shipping of the Merchandise. Seller shall return payments using the same method of payment as Consumer, unless the Consumer agrees to another method of return, where that method will not cost the Consumer anything. The Seller may withhold the return of payments received from Customer until the receipt of returned, unless the Seller suggested that he or she will pick the Merchandise up themselves.

8.    If the Consumer has chosen a different method of shipping of the Merchandise than the cheapest one  offered by the Seller, the Seller is not obligated to return the additional cost to the Consumer.

9.    The Customer only bears the direct cost of the return of the Merchandise, unless the Seller has agreed to bear that cost.

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