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Grado PS500 modded with Nyczaj headband, gimbals and earpads

Welcome to Nyczaj!
Home of premium mods for Grado headphones

I specialize in meticulously crafting parts that enhance your listening experience with unparalleled comfort and artisanal quality.

Each piece, from the elegant leather headbands and comfy earpads to the sturdy aluminum gimbals and rodblocks, is designed and made to elevate both the comfort and durability of your Grado headphones, giving them the build quality they deserve.

Join me in my pursuit of perfecting headphone build quality with carefully selected materials and artisan craftsmanship.


Explore my selection of premium aluminum gimbals, rodblocks, leather headbands, and fabric earpads.

Unsure if they will fit?

View the list of supported Grado headphones below.

Easy installation manual is also available to help you with your Grado mods.


If you're looking to complement your Grado headphones or custom builds with high-quality wood cups or custom headphone cables, I have great recommendations for you.

Two experienced artisans, each with over a decade of expertise in crafting, offering exceptional craftsmanship and quality. 

Zrzut ekranu 2024-01-28 112026.png

Bruce is renowed for his expertise in headphone modding, which he generously shares under the username fleasbaby on Head-fi. His vast experience and unique talent in crafting custom wooden cups make him a distinguished figure in the headphone enthustiast community.

kabel 3.jpg

Michal is a legend of Polish headphone modding community, who mentored me for many years, and the author of the wildest headphone mods I've ever seen. His choice of materials, attention to detail and meticulous crafting techniques make him a perfect cable maker.

Grado's list


x Generation

Prestige Series:

Grado SR60x​

Grado SR80x

Grado SR125x

Grado SR225x

Grado SR325x

Reference Series:

Grado RS2x​

Grado RS1x

Statement Series:

Grado GS1000x​

Grado GS3000x

1st Generation

Prestige Series:

Grado SR60​

Grado SR80

Grado SR100

Grado SR125

Grado SR200

Grado SR225

Grado SR300

Grado SR325

Reference Series:

Grado RS2​

Grado RS1

Statement Series:

Grado GS1000​

Professional Series:

Grado PS500​

Grado PS1000

e Generation

Prestige Series:

Grado SR60e​

Grado SR80e

Grado SR125e

Grado SR225e

Grado SR325e

Reference Series:

Grado RS2e​

Grado RS1e

Statement Series:

Grado GS1000e

Grado GS2000e

Grado GS3000e

Professional Series:

Grado PS500e​

Grado PS1000e

Grado PS2000e

Limited Editions Part 1

Heritage Series:

Grado GH1​

Grado GH2

Grado GH3

Grado GH4


Grado Hemp

Grado White

Grado PS1

Grado HF1

Grado HF2

Grado Black Label I

Grado Black Label II

Grado Pokemon

Grado Microsoft

Grado Freesystems

Grado Oreo

Grado The Wheeler

Grado Why Hunger

Grado Liberte

Grado Uncrate Supply

Grado Bushmills Whiskey Barrel

Grado EJ Brandy

i Generation

Prestige Series:

Grado SR60i

Grado SR80i

Grado SR125i

Grado SR225i

Grado SR325i

Grado SR325is

Reference Series:

Grado RS2i

Grado RS1i

Statement Series:

Grado GS1000i

Limited Editions Part 2

Other continued:

Grado Russel's Reserve Whiskey

Grado New Amsterdam

Grado Harley-Davidson

Grado Dolce & Gabbana

Grado Thailand Anniversary

Grado Fairfax Recording Series

Grado x A24: Mid90s

Grado x A24: Moonlight

E&J x Coogi x Grado

Grado Ariana Grande

x Reebok

Grado James Taylor

Grado Billy Joel

Grado John Mayer

Grado John Varvatos

Grado 1888 Double Barrel Reserva

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